Janet Hryb

Managing Director

Janet Hryb has been prominent in the Conveyancing Industry for nearly 30 years.

As a business owner and industry professional Janet is referred to as the “go to” person within the conveyancing industry in WA.

Respected by major Law firms in WA, business is referred to Janet because of her expertise in ownership and transaction of property within Superannuation funds, small and large developments requiring application for titles, to mums and dads transacting on everyday property.

Janet first started Conveyancing in 1993. Her first job was at a Settlement Agency in Midland for 4 years where she had the rare opportunity to learn a lot about farming properties. She then went onto working for a Company where she obtained experience in Strata titling properties and subdivisional contracts.

Over the last 20 years as a business owner leading a team of trained conveyancers, Janet has strengthened her expertise in:

* Large property subdivisional work

* Strata titling – off the plan contracts

* Commercial Settlements

* Related party transactions

Janet oversees all staff, overall management & marketing of the Company and has been responsible for training a number of highly regarded conveyancers within the industry.

With the ethos of education for the industry, Janet is forever front and centre training real estate sales people in industry matters , risk management and industry updates.

Janet not only has extensive conveyancing experience, but is someone who possesses strong management skills and a passion for the industry to move forward.

Janet is a Past Councillor with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers here in WA, and past Vice President of this respected organization , Janet enjoys giving back some of her knowledge to the industry.

Janet is an immediate past committee member of the Property Industry Advisory Committee ( PIAC ) which provides advise to the Minister and Commissioner of Consumer Protection on the regulations of licensed property professionals in Western Australia and is currently provides advice as an appointed member of the W.A. Industry Symposium for PEXA integration.