The not so cheap flight....

The Conveyancing industry has recently gone through some massive changes and the deregulation of fees has created a very competitive market. With this, came the advertised " flat fee " for conveyancing which may well have produced the first evidence of companies closing down.

This week the Australian Financial Review reported the embattled law firm Slater and Gordon will be shutting down the conveyancing arm of the business, which will affect around 70 staff nationally.

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This company entered the conveyancing market in a blaze of price promise, and similar to a few of the discount type operators they offered sellers from $470.00 and Buyers from $660.00.

But clear evidence of dissatisfaction has set in when the small print was read, in the form of the "Product Disclosure statement ".. that's if you got to read this document before you made your decision.

Like some airlines the small print doesn't allow you to take baggage, that will cost you an extra $50.00 and so the extras would climb in costs and fees, till ultimately the cost was far more than the original lured fee.

Like the response of the real estate industry to Purple Bricks, the key is, and always will be SERVICE!!!

At West Coast Conveyancing our focus is on SERVICE and always will be, with all our quotes we attach the following to educate our clients on what our fee includes

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Happy selling

Janet Hryb